Advertising Shoe cover dispenser

Advertising Shoe cover dispenser

Production Function :
SK-AD intelligence type Ads shoe cover dispenser consist of intelligent shoe cover dispenser and advertising machine these two parts together. It not only helps to advertising content ,also offer the shoe cover wearing services for the clients. 

Product Features :
1.The shoe cover dispenser part mainly be composed of Microcomputer controled PC board, direct current machine,sensor switch, limited switch, gear and so on.Automatic working, intelligent and reliable.

2.Inside shoe cover machine install with multi-groups infrared detection switch and new hidden grapple design, in which can absolutely guarantee the foot not able to clamp by the machine.

3. The microcomputer controled PCB of the machine can display the error code intelligently. Based on the error code, it can know the cause of machine failure when it appearing fault.

4.The Max shoe cover capacity of the machine is PE mateila shoe cover with 200pcs. Which is put 200pcs capacity shoe cover box into machine at one time, it can finish the process of shoe cover installation. Until run out off the shoe coves,then need to replace another shoe cover box. It also can put less quantity shoe cover box as per client s  requirement.Function and use without any difference.

5.The standard configuration for the advertising machine part is 32inch LCD screen. Screen resolution is 1920*1080 . It can broadcast any types of videos, Pictures and other information,also can play the sound.

6.Advertising content carrier s standard Configuration is USB disk, but also can be SD card,even network remote download control.

7.More functions and advantages of the shoe cover dispenser, pls refer to the relative explanation of SK-CL series intelligent shoe cover dispenser .


Product component explanation:




Shoe cover installation step :

 Step 1: Open the cover of shoe cover box , put  the black plastic weighter on the shoe cover box s hoe cover.


step 2 :Put the shoe cover box with plastic weighter as per the appointed direction in to the inside shoe cover  slot where behind the advertising shoe cover dispenser.

Step 3 : After put the shoe cover, make sure the arrow on the shoe cover box whether point to the dvertising screen direction. Meanwhile, turn on the machine, it can release a shoe cover automatically waiting for the user to wear.



shoe cover usage step :

Step 1 : Machine will release one piece shoe cover automatically after it starts working.This type machine suitable for all sizes shoes.

Step 2 : The user raise up the foot,and step lightly into the shoe cover dispenser bottom, the shoe cover will cover the foot aytomatically, not need strength to step on.
Step 3 : Raise up the foot lightly, then finished the wearing shoe cover action. At this moment, the  machine will release next shoe cover to offer the user wear again.



Special shoe cover :
The SK-DA intelligent shoe cover dispenser advertising machine must use their special shoe cover, their special shoe cover have 3 kinds materials to select, they are : ordinary PE, anti slip CPE,environmental protection Non-woven shoe covers.

Each materials special shoe cover pictures & parameters are as below :


shoe cover box
1 piece of PE shoe cover
1 piece of CPE shoe cover
1 piece of Non-woven shoe cover



200pcs / box

21box / CTN

Packing Size: 79*48.5*60CM / CTN

Weight: 16KG / CTN

160pcs / box

21box / CNT

Packing Size: 79*48.5*60CM / CTN

Weight:16KG / CTN

100pcs / box

21box / CTN

Packing Size: 79*48.5*60CM / CTN

Weithg:16KG / CTN



Scopes of application:

 Hotels, Hospitals, Supermarkets,Bus stations, Airports, Banks, Commercial mansions,various business hall and others places where need Ads.

Product parameters: 

Machine size :L64CM*W52CM*H172CM
External working power:AC220V 50HZ / AC110V 60HZ
Working voltage:DC12V
Packing :splitting package,shoe cover dispenser :1set/ctn,Ad screen :1set/ctn

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