advertising shoe polisher

Advertising shoe polisher


Advertising shoe polisher

Product Advantages

Every big market, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, bank,station, subway, airport, all kinds of business hall and so on, all these palces
have common objects--Ordinary advertising machines.But for the ordinary advertising machines, its weakness is that it only has just on single advertising function.
Therefore, when people passed and looked it,they really don't want to go to see the advertising machine broadcasting advertisements.That's
the reason why actual advertising effect is very low.

While our  company's advertising shoe polisher, can directly change this situation.As long as laying our automaticaly advertising shoe polisher
in the public places, all the passed person will keep their eyes on our machine's distinctive function of polishing shoes automaticaly, they will
naturally pay attention to the  broadcasted advertisement content.
So the advertising audience rate also will be greatly of ascension.

At the same time,When the user is polishing their shoes,his eyes will naturally fall on the contents of advertisements,watching and listening to
the displayed advertisements which brodcasted by our advertising shoe polisher.

Therefore, this type of advertising shoe polisher,except providing service of polishing shoes automatically, at the same time, it also enhance the attraction of advertising machine Very effectively, reaching to the best advertisement broadcasting effect. For the advertising investors our machine brings many more clients to them. For the Lessor who owns advertising machine, our machines brings many more competitive advantages,Attracting more advertising investors, gaining more profits.







Features of our advertising shoe polisher

Our intelligent shoe polisher, is a new product researched,produced and developed by our company independently. it is consist of two parts: Automatic induction spraying shoe polish and polish shoes automatically.
Automatic induction spraying shoe polish,just stretch your toe into the spraying mounth, the machine will automatically spray shoe polish on the vamp of your shoe. Polish shoes automatically.As long as step your foot on the pedal of our machine lightly,need no action, its inner brushes will automatically remove and polish your shoe at multidirectional.
So, to use our company's shoe polisher,is very easy and automatic,Only need to step your foot in,the machine will automatically provide all-round service of polishing shoe.

Characteristics of Other company's ordinary shoe polisher:

Ordinary shoe polisher,It is made up of a motor whitch drives its both sides'one or two brushes, When having foot closing to it,It has been rotating.When user want to wipe shoes, the user need to lift a foot, stand on his one leg,then make his lifted tiptoe close to its wool wheel to
polish the tip of his shoe.If he wants to polish the side of his shoe, he must need to twist his leg,let his side of shoe close to the wheels.
Such polishing process makes users very painstaking.That machine can not have the function of truely automatic service of polishing shoe.


Description of each components of our product:

A:LED or LCD screen advertising board. In the picture,it is a 32 inch LED or LCD screen, can be custom-made different sizes and different specifications.

B:Operation display screen:Can display shoe polisher's working condition, If necessary,Can also adjust the machine's built-in brushes' position to adapt to the different sizes of user's leather shoes.

C:Polishing shoe area:Only need to step your foot in,the machine's inner five group brushes will automatically come to polish user's all-round shoe.Need not move or rotate foot.

D:Automatic srpaying shoe polish area:Only need to stretch tiptoe in it. Needn't stamp,or jack up, the infrared induction switch of the machine will automatically detect the stretched foot, then begin to spray shoe polish automatically.


Guide Shows of our product:

Applicable scope:

Hotels, restarants, hospitals, supermarkets, stations,airports, Banks, commercial buildings, all kinds of business halls and various places where needs advertsiment.


Product Parameters:

Size: L52CM*W52CM*H170CM
External power supply: AC220V 50HZ / AC110V 60HZ
Internal working voltage:DC24V
Package:splitting package,shoe polisher body:1set/ctn,Ad lamp box:1set/ctn

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