SK-CA/CC автомат для надевания бахил

SK-CC shoe cover dispenser


Product functions:It helps user to wear shoe covers automatically . the user don't need to bend down to wear shoe covers by hands.

Product features:
1- it withs this function of ultraviolet sterilization.
2- Intelligent control:control parts of the dispenser consist of PCB, motor, sensor ect, it can catch shoe covers from  the shoe cover box and open for user to wear. it also has these functions of safety protection, fault alarm, fault error  displaying.
3- Large capacity:It can contain max 200 pcs of shoe cover each time, it can be used after user put one shoe box into  the dispenser, it is a very easy porcess of installation.
4- Balance of shoe cover quantities displayed:The display screen of the dispenser can display balance of shoe cover  quantities, numbers will be deducted one after one pcs of shoe cover has been released.
Method of use:Machine will release one shoe cover automatically after it starts working, a shoe cover will  be worn on user's shoe when user put her/his foot and step down slightly into the dispenser. it will release a shoe  cover again after user lift her/his foot out.
Special shoe covers:SK-CA shoe cover dispenser must use these kinds of special shoe cover which special production and be folded to put into a special carton box, if want to install shoe cover, the users just need to put the whole box of shoe cover in it.
           shoe cover materials and capacity: - PE shoe cover :200 pcs/box
                                                                        - CPE shoe cover :160 pcs/box
                                                                        - Non-woven shoe cover:100pcs/box

Scopes of application:Hospital,Factory, Laboratory, Home, Clean Room, Sample Room and other places where need to keep cleanliness.

Product parameters:
Machine size: L74 * W31 * H99 (cm)
External working power: AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 60Hz
Power: 50W
Working voltage: DC12V
Shoe cover capacity: - PE shoe cover: 200pcs
                                   - CPE shoe cover: 160pcs
                                   - Non-woven shoe cover: 100pcs
Packing: 1set / ctn
Packing size:L84* W42 * H98 (cm) /ctn
Gross weight: 28KG/ctn
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